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....Too tired from all that eating to make a decision? Go with the famed “Mission Style” sandwich. A bacon doughnut stippled with apple bits that have been cooked in bacon fat pairs with Four Barrel coffee frozen custard and a glaze of burnt caramel. It’s a smokey, caloric monstrosity that somehow doesn’t taste heavy.
— By Alissa Merksamer on August 16, 2014
In true San Francisco style, the dense, creamy custard serves as a blank palette for experimentation: chocolate, barley, tea; salt and pepper potato chip; and Saikyo miso have all made appearances on the menu.
— By Rebecca Flint Marx on June 3, 2014
Now why didn’t someone think of this sooner? Mission-based Frozen Kuhsterd food truck has come up with the ultimate neighborhood treat: the Mission Style Dynamo Donut Sandwich!
— By Lou Bustamante @thevillagedrunk on July 31, 2013
On the subject of dreaming up flavors, what’s your fantasy flavor? ‘It would be the world’s most expensive scoop—Louis the 14th Cognac Base infused with a really expensive dark chocolate. I just can’t afford to buy goods to make it.’ -Jason Angeles
— By Alissa Merksamer on May 31, 2013
50 Best Dessert Trucks in America for 2013 - ‘I grew up on a lot of Asian influences. My earliest memory of ice cream was an Asian-inspired ice cream store in the neighborhood called Coco Banana,’ Angeles told fare & square. Flavors such as avocado, toasted coconut, burnt caramel, and sweet corn are only a few examples of what the menu has to offer.
— By Lauren Sloss in Food on Sep 3, 2014
Have you had frozen custard? It’s like soft serve’s richer, smoother, better looking cousin. Thank goodness for Frozen Kuhsterd, who is not only filling the custard-shaped hole in our heart, but is doing so in a delicious, booze-laced fashion. In addition to those actually boozy flavors (Reposado tequila, spiked cereal milk), sample sinfully delicious flavors like maple butter, Thai iced tea, and Four Barrel coffee, topped with everything from condensed milk to cornflakes.
— The 12 Best Food Trucks in San Francisco: 2014 Edition
Move over, Cronut! The Frozen Kuhsterd truck has just set the bar for decadent desserts with the Mission Style Dynamo Donut Sandwich....It’s called the Mission Style because Four Barrel, Frozen Kuhsterd, and Dynamo Donuts are all based in the Mission!
Their claim to fame as the first frozen custard truck in California is overshadowed by an immense menu of flavors. What is custard, if not a vessel for flavors like Four Barrel Coffee, yuzu sake, matcha and salt and pepper potato chip?
— 10 Essential San Francisco Food Trucks for Summer